Monday, July 1, 2013

Houston bound.

On our way to Houston for the weekend to check out the town and to meet up with someone.

Had a good last night in Austin. Went out with some of my brothers friends to grab some drinks. Ended up wandering away with some people, ate some tasty tacos and ended up a Craft Pride on Rainey Street. Met a cool bartender, Hey Ben!, had some delicious local brews, and stayed until close.

Bright and somewhat early the next morning we are on our way to Houston. We check into our hotel to find that downtown Houston is like a ghost town on the weekend. Headed over to Saint Anthony Brewery to meet up with my brothers friend and to check out their tasting party. Word of advise.....I found SA Lawnmower beer rather undrinkable. It was a bitter, hoppy, mild flavored liquid that was not pleasing to my tastebuds.

After a little break back at the hotel we headed over to the Montrose area for a Gay Pride Parade. Now I'm totally straight but that parade was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. The energy of the crowd was unbelievable with everyone making tons of noise and just their overall excitement. Other than just the general energy of the crowd, my favorite part was all the wild dress most were in. Granted I saw things I didnt want to see, from both men and women, but it was still blody awesome.

After the parade we meet up with some more people and headed to the bar that was along the parade route.  Again the energy was ridiculous in that place. Dudes dancing and making out, chicks doin the same, and the amount of pepole on the lofted dance floor made you question the structural integrity.
A few beers and booty shaking hours later we left and we walked back to the hotel, grabbing some breakfast at a diner along the way, and finally getting to sleep around four in the morning.

Sunday was pretty noneventful except for the Pink Floyd planetarium light show. Talk about some vertigo inducing moments, but I totally want one in my future house. Imagine playing a flying game in there or watching an epic movie.....poof...mind blown!

Well heading out on Monday to Roatan and just getting more and more exciting everyday. Still hard to believe I'm doing this and dont have any real expectations except for a bunch of diving, so unless something terrible happens its glong to be a blast.

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