Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Plane ride update

Just a quick update while cruising at 30k feet going 500mph. The flight is completely full, we have the standard happy stewardess and the more strict one.

As it usually goes, after you find your seat, you survey all the oncoming passengers hopeing you get one that doesn't stink, isn't morbidly obese, or anything else that will make myself uncomfortable. Well folks I got quite lucky. I noticed him in the terminal and he looked like a fellow traveller and after he settled in I learn he is a pastor on a misson to help out the local orphanage and clinic to bring medicine and supplies to help provide clean water.

We shared pleasantries and ended up chatting for most of the flight and swapping info towards the end. I hope to be able to volunteer with his group while we are both on the island, I really like what they are doing there to help.

Should be landing in about an hour, just flew over the Yucatan peninsula. So if you end up reading this; thanks for the great company Brian and good luck with the mission work, it has been nice having you as my seat neighbor and you've been added to my list of interesting people.

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