Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bout time for an update

Its been a couple weeks since I have arrived and things are going nicely.

My divemaster training is going well and I guess I am ahead of the game in having things done. Just completed my swimming tests today and they went pretty well. The 400m free swim was a little brutal and only got 2 out of 5 points on it but made it up on the 15min float/tread water test, the last 3 minutes you have to keep your wrists out of the water. The 800m mask/snorkel/fin swim was my game though. Completed it in just over 16 min and missed a perfect score by 18 seconds.

In the gear exchange/buddy breathing test I got a 4 out of 5 because I showed no anxiety and was in control during the test. I lost the one point because my buddy and I didnt make a through plan, which is silly because if your going to swap gear in real life its not like your going to have a plan made up, but oh well. All that is left is a 100y diver tow which I kinda did during my rescue class, not all that worried even though it will be tiring.

As for other matters things are going good. Have 4 roommates right now and will be getting 2 more by this weekend. They're all different which is nice but I am currently the oldest in the house by about 5 years and that keeps thing interesting, sometimes I just shake my head at these youngins.

A typical day for me is pretty nice. Leave for the shop around 7:30 and if we are lucky the managers have the truck and we ride in the back. Spend about 30 minutes getting the boats ready in the morning before the customers show up. So far i've been getting at least two dives in the morning and training stuff in the afternoon. Around 3 we start getting the shop set to close and home by 4:30.

The house is a bit of a shack and could use some basic work to start with. There is a bathroom in every bedroom with a shower and sink which is really nice cause they can take up to 10 people here.

Im pretty happy with the way my life is going at this point. Kinda looking around for work as a DM elsewhere but will stick around if I can find something local for a bit, though I will try to find a better place to live if I can.

As for this blog, I can't really tell if anyone is actually reading it. Im getting pageviews but they could just be bots or something. I know it would be better if I had photos on here but it takes forever to get them up on blogger for some reason. If you want to to see pics them check out my facebook page cause thats where allmy pics have been going. If I dont seem to get many visitors then I wont be posting much, so if you actually read this post and want me to continue then leave a quick comment.

Till next time. Thanks

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